About Us

Ignition was founded by Max Beelaerts and Martijn van Niele, who you may know from the YouTube channel "AutoTopNL". As one of the biggest car channels they wanted to offer their subscribers something different, something special! Something that had the quality, exclusivity and refinement of all those luxury cars they tested, without the price tag. 


Their love for watches was the answer. For nearly a year they tested materials, designs and mechanics and finally came up with the Chicane, the first limited edition watch by Ignition. A second watch was introduced in March of 2018. The Turismo is limited to 50 pieces and currently for sale. A third watch, the 'Pilota' was introduced in September of 2018. 

Their philosophy is that highly exclusive limited editions, unlike with cars, can be affordable. 
In 2019, IGNITION introduced SWISS MADE watches to the collection. From now on, all IGNITION watches will be produced in Switzerland with a Swiss Made movement. This ensures a level of quality and durability IGNITION wants to offer to their customers. 


True exclusivity is experienced through details; each watch has its own unique limited production number. Special engravings and other details set them apart from other watches. 


During development they felt that an Ignition watch should be made available to everyone and not just to their subscribers. Welcome to www.IgnitionCollection.com

Ignition Collection / AutoTopNL B.V. KvK: 83574247